Dokument #2

This collaborative live record created with Laurie Anderson and Brian Eno was released on limited edition vinyl in 2020.  

Dokument #2 was culled from hours of improvised music we made during a week-long studio residency in Copenhagen where we shared our creative process with the public through two talks. We arranged our equipment in triangle formation, fusing ideas together in a collaborative sphere.  The tracks were recorded live and, with no overdubs, the result is an album that captures the energy and spontaneity of a live performance.  

Garten der Lüste / FIELD

FIELD is a sonic landscape in three parts commissioned by the artist AA Bronson for an immersive installation titled Garten der Lüste which has been presented at Art Basel in Basel, the KW in Berlin and the Salzburger Kunstverein in Salzburg.  This hybrid installation features artworks and individual durational performances by the artist Michael Dudeck and myself.    

A pioneer of collaborative and queer visual art practice, AA Bronson is the sole surviving member of the art collective General Idea (1969–94).  The project takes Hieronymus Bosch’s infamous painting “The Garden of Earthly Delights” (circa 1500) as its starting point. To analyze Hieronymus Bosch’s triptych is an attempt to describe the indescribable and to decipher the indecipherable — an exercise in madness. The project could be seen as a queer adaptation that executes this madness through various spirits and universes.


Aviary is a virtual data-driven environment created in collaboration with visual artist Sammy Lee and features generative music composed by myself and Robert Thomas. The composition process includes resampled bird sounds from across the world, applying machine learning and generative algorithms to create an infinite and non-repeating soundscape.

The digital birds are directly connected to the state of our planet. Their flocking behaviours are determined by environmental events as they happen across the globe. From distant earthquakes to local flooding, real-time data capture nature’s order and entropy. The flight patterns of the birds respond unpredictably as digital information filters in.

Originally commissioned by Tate St Ives & also shown at Kookmin University’s Myung Won Museum in Seoul, South Korea.


Odyssey is a sonic landscape commissioned by Fredrikson Stallard for their multi-sensory environment of the same title with lighting choreographed to respond to the soundscape. The installation comprises 30 unique bronze sculptures, video, mirror, LCD screens, audio and LED lights.   

Expressing the awe I feel in contemplating the vast regions of outer space I composed a long-form electroacoustic work featuring koto and electronics.  The piece was realised moving between digital and analogue means of creation, analogous to those used to render the bronze sculptures which sit like golden asteroids frozen in infinity. A digital release of this music is forthcoming.

Disarming Dimensions 

One of two collaborative paintings created with digital artist Matthew Stone and featured in my exhibition at Union Gallery in November 2022.  

These works were created by combining visual motifs from our paintings into the virtual space generated by Stone’s innovative digital painting process. Stone works from the physical to the digital, archiving painted brushstrokes through photography and applying these onto digitally rendered forms and figures to explore the extension of painting through the digital realm.