Paintings from my exhibition at Union Gallery in London, Nov 4th – Dec 10th 2022.

“Oke’s painted canvases are as much about exploration and the process of receiving as seeing and reflection. The figurative depictions are intangible to this world we inhabit, standing reflective of the artist’s mind, their practices, interactions with Artificial Intelligence and generative processes. They seem not invented nor of our time, but an unknown further past or distant future. These beings or creatures are placed in a territory of mysticism where a new awareness is opened before us.

Oke’s series of paintings with minimal forms begin a language from the “remixing” of the natural world reflecting the creative processes in SPECIES. 

Each painting is titled with lyrics from the record.”   William Gustaffson @ Union Gallery

I Feed My Skin Upon the Landscape, Awake!
Ghost Throat
Geometry at War
Find Peace in Newborn Shapes
create ME
Strange Voice